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What You Need to Know and Do After You Inherit Land
over 1 year ago

If you inherit land from an estate and you are not yet the owner of record, then it is up to the executor of the deceased’s estate to file a deed showing that you have been bequeathed by their will. If this has not yet occurred, you might want to ask your accountant and attorney whether or not you should wait until the probate process is finalized before making any long-term plans for the inherited property. You may want to consider selling, disposing of, or repurposing the inherited land depending on what your plans are after inheriting from an estate.  Check out now on how to sell vacant land Georgia.

Selling your inherited land can be a lucrative and practical opportunity especially if you have other family members who are beneficiaries in the inheritance. Selling the land relieves you and any other responsible parties of having to maintain several acres of land and allows you to divide the assets once the land is sold.

If you're in a market where the soil is hard to cultivate, then an esquire can be very helpful. An attorney draws up the contracts so the land cannot be used for hunting, nor can it be bought up with the intent to develop homes within 5 years of purchasing it, which would typically be to make sure they comply with environmental laws.  Click here for more info on how we buy land Georgia.

Whatever your reason for letting the land sit for a few years, keep in mind that it will need to be maintained. This of course can be a very costly endeavor which is fueled by hiring someone to landscape or you might opt to do it yourself. Whatever you decide, make sure your property tax bill gets paid every year regardless. And on top of that, keep in mind that if building a home sounds appealing to you, I advise checking out these two sites where I found some helpful tips and ideas regarding how to build a house safely, efficiently and affordably.  Read additional details here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_estate

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