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So You Inherited Farmland I n Florida, Now What?
12 months ago

If you’re about to inherit land but the deed is not yet in your name, you’ll need to receive a transfer of ownership from the executor of the estate (who must be appointed by the court during the probate process), and make sure all of the legal odds and ends are tied up before making long term plans for the inherited property. Depending on where you live, your options will vary. It may be wise to meet with a real estate attorney and an accountant to discuss your options and ensure that all taxation related issues as well as any taxes or debts owed on the property are handled appropriately. Once you inherit land what’s next? You could sell it or hold onto it.  Get more info on selling vacant land in Florida.

Selling an inherited plot of land can yield several benefits. If you have beneficiaries in the inheritance that may decrease the amount of money they receive if it is sold, selling will free you and the other responsible parties from having to maintain a large area around their property. This will allow all those involved to divide up the assets more quickly. Land sales are often handled differently than home sales, and transferring this type of property can be slow-going. If you plan to sell the land yourself, however, working with a real estate firm that is well versed in this type of transaction can help get your land off your hands faster.

An attorney can be particularly helpful when it comes to making sure that there are no grey areas regarding how your land should be used. For example, with real estate in general you may have particular reservations about who exactly would be able to utilize the land. For example, if you were to sell the land for housing or hunting purposes and so on, having your lawyer write a contract stating that after 5 years the buyer wouldn’t be allowed to do that anymore and if they did, they would have to forfeit any money they've made from doing so upfront.  Get more info on how we buy land Florida.

Holding on to vacant land is a good long-term investment option. But you should know that it will be crucial to keep up with maintenance, potentially hiring a professional landscaper or getting some help from your local community college's horticulture program. And while we're at it, let's not forget to keep up with property taxes. If the idea of building your dream home has crossed your mind, do some research first: here are several resources that can help you get started! Read more on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_sale_by_owner

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